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Optimized for tight precision bolt-actions to preserve machined-in accuracy and ease cycling as these guns heat up, this lubricant is also your best choice for all human-powered actions, such as revolvers, lever-actions, or pump guns.


We engineered this lubricant as part of an industry request from a precision rifle manufacturer, as part of an effort to help preserve the accuracy of their heavy belted-magnum chamberings over time. It is exceedingly difficult to machine perfectly parallel mating surfaces between the back of the locking lugs and an action, and microscopic differences in these parallel planes can cause a kind of peening over time as disproportionate energy is channeled into smaller surface areas, opening up tolerances and thus opening up groups. This manufacturer had experimented with standard industrial moly grease after being informed by benchrest shooters it can help with this problem, and found this to be true. One of the suspected reasons for this, is that as a non-Newtonian fluid, being hit with tremendous and almost instant force, for a microsecond the grease essentially behaves as a solid, distributing the force more evenly across the back of the lug, minimizing or eliminating the peening. However, the two drawbacks they experienced were that the moly grease was terrible in cold weather for cycling, and was a ‘dirty’ black grease that was unappealing to their customers.


Our formulation solves both problems exceptionally well, and does seem to help maintain the inherent accuracy engineered into a bolt gun longer through minimizing this peening effect. However, we want to make a point that this will NOT make your gun "more accurate", and unless you are an experienced precision shooter, with a precision rifle, you may not have the background or gear to perceive the difference over time - and this is just one variable of dozens to precision. However, in tight, hot, magnum rifles, cycling smooths tremendously, as do other manual actions.

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