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About Our Balmz
What They Are and What You Get

Bottom Line: 

Ten times the reliability of anything you've ever seen on your guns, staying ready for years on your gun.

What they are


  • Lightweight greases engineered specifically for the energies and physics guns operate under, and the environments we run them in

  • Greases are critical - properly weighted, they give far better real-world performance than oils in these unsealed, sliding machines we call guns

  • Our greases stay in place exceptionally well, even after firing cases of ammo

  • They help trap friction contaminant away from friction surfaces, adding reliability

  • Their properties help physically separate your friction surfaces by floating moving parts on a fluid film, similar to hydroplaning your car

  • The base is a lithium complex with 100% synthetic lubricants, giving excellent work endurance and storage longevity, and wide-ranging temperature performance

  • They contain a powerful additive package with several anti-friction, anti-wear, extreme-pressure, and anti-corrosion compounds. Each provides an important capacity to the overall lubricant, analogous to how each of your gun's accessories gives you an extra edge in one way or another - every professionally engineered lubricant has a carefully selected and balanced addtive package. Few 'gun oils' do.

  • No application voodoo - simply apply it, even on a dirty gun with other lubricants.

What you get from this:


  • An unmatched, instant relibaility upgrade - one application provides roughly 5-10x more shooting on one application of lubricant than any gun oil on the market. M4s have fired 3000 rounds without cleaning or relubricating, and M2 .50cals have fired 6000 on one application.

  • They stay put and they stay wet on your gun for no less than two years, whether in storage or EDC.   

  • Increasing reliability with use, as our additives physically embed into friction surfaces, smooth them, and lower their coefficients of friction

  • Guns experience far less wear when using our lubricants

  • Ease of cleaning, cutting cleanup time by about 50% - no scrubbing or scraping, just wipe down.

  • Unmatched environmental endurance, staying slick, wet, and in place in extreme rain, wind, or heat, keeping lint and sand out of key areas

You would have a hard time carrying enough ammo into the field to shoot enough to reach the limits of our lubricants.


And you can have complete peace of mind that if you need to fire your gun, it will cycle flawlessly, even if you haven't touched it in a couple of years, or if you've already put several hundred rounds downrange. 

If you have a hard time believing a gun could have this level of reliability, it is simply because you've never had a properly engineered lubricant on your gun - it's that simple. 

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