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What we stand for

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CherryBalmz exists to make sure your firearm keeps running - we do this by engineering the best weapons lubricants possible, and by giving you the knowledge you need to understand the operator-level science behind weapon reliability. 
Everything we do comes down to maximizing reliability by reducing friction. Our R&D and engineering begins with excellence in the fundamentals, and from there we never quit developing the next edge, technological evolution, or other innovative way to enhance the reliability of your weapon through lubrication. All of this is oriented around keeping you alive, by ensuring your weapon will conduct its business as long as it has ammo. This is why we exist.
To the extent we provide this life-saving value to you, we in turn use the resources you give us to take an uncompromising stand in supporting the right to self-defense and civilian private firearms ownership. The Second Amendment is non-negotiable. For those who don't agree, don't buy our product, because please understand: we are going to use part of that money to absolutely bury its opponents politically. There is nothing more fundamental than the right of self-defense and survival.  
This is what we stand for.  

"There is no human right more fundamental than the right of self-defense. To outlaw the tools to practice that right, is to practice a crime against humanity."


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