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"It it spins, oil it; if it slides, grease it. That's a one hundred and fifty year-old lubrication maxim still taught to people who work on machines."


Educate yourself - Touching Base With Reality

Given what we’ve covered with the basic science behind lubrication, we hope you're able to walk away with a solid foundation of knowledge of how lubricants work, their survival importance, and that you've begun to develop a discerning eye towards what will work best for you, on your guns.  


Given this base of knowledge, there’s an interesting exercise you might wish to consider walking yourself through.  It’s an analogy for gun lubricants, for those whose lives depend on their weapons. 


Quite simply, your gun is a machine your life may be riding on. Or that of your 18 year-old self or family member serving in the military. Airliners are also machines your life may be riding on.  


Knowing what you now know, would you want to fly in a jet whose engines were maintained by 18 year-olds:

Do you want your gun lubricant to be KISS-simple, reliable, and enduring, or complicated, dangerous, and minimally effective?

  • Where the lubrication required specialized parts heating and lube application procedures that, if done wrong, shut the engine down mid-flight?

  • What if that lubricant oxidized over a couple of months and got tacky?

  • What if that lubricant corroded aluminum?

  • What if that lubricant couldn't stand up to water, and allowed parts to rust?

  • What if that lubricant started having its detergents separate from suspension and get crusty?

  • What if that lubricant was too light to stay put, leaving parts without proper lubrication?

  • What if that lubricant enhanced wear rates over other lubricants?

  • What if that lubricant burned off at temperatures a hundred degrees cooler than the engine gets at performance?

  • And what if that burning lubricant created nerve gas or fertility disruptors for you to breathe tiny amounts of?

As ridiculous as all this may seem…each of these examples is analogous to what we found in trying to determine which weapon lubricant to risk our lives on. 


Needless to say, it’s why we formed CherryBalmz.

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