Tim Milkovich,

"...it is simply the best reliability investment you can buy for your gun, period." 

"CherryBalmz is an exceptional gun lubricant. Nothing I've ever used has even come close to working as well, and I've spent over twenty four years combined as a member of the armed forces, and as a deputy sheriff. From being an infantryman, military police officer, patrol deputy, Special Assignment Unit member, and full time firearms instructor and armorer with the third largest sheriffs office in the country. I am also a competition shooter and shoot thousands of rounds of ammo every year. I have extremely high standards for what goes in my guns and on them, and I've tried nearly everything.


When you put CherryBalmz on your firearm, it will probably surprise you at just how smooth and slick your gun feels. It's a huge difference. But more important is that it stays put through thousands of rounds of shooting, and doesn’t dry out. CherryBlamz doesn’t fling off onto your glasses or your shirt, and it just lasts far longer than anything else. My guns cycle smoother and are a lot more reliable the whole time. Plus CherryBalmz goes on easy and clean up is about half the time.

My wife and I are both competitive shooters sponsored by CherryBalmz, but you should know that before we were sponsored we spent several months evaluating the product as hard as I possibly could. We put it on our semi-auto pistols and carbines, along with our precision rifles, through various matches across the country. I would not use an untested lubricant on duty or in competition, nor would I ever be sponsored by a company I didn’t believe in totally.


I have had other gun lubes shut my guns down, and most just do not work as well as advertised. After our testing, I can tell you CherryBalmz works better than advertised, by far. Besides good training, good magazines, and good ammo, it is simply the best reliability investment you can buy for your gun, period."

- Tim Milkovich, Arizona
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Sharon Preston,

I founded and run a shooting and training organization in Central Oregon, called Ladies of Lead Group Therapy, LLC.  CherryBalmz is the only gun lubricant we recommend, and we’re emphatic about it. 


What we found with CherryBalmz is that guns are just a lot more reliable with it, plain and simple. But from the perspective of a female instructor usually teaching women shooters, one surprising thing that stood out almost immediately with CherryBalmz is that with my new shooters, shooting heavily sprung compact semi-autos, they no longer had difficulty manually cycling their firearms. CherryBalmz lowered the friction in these guns that much, making chambering, unloading, and checking a chamber no longer a struggle. It’s an instant and very big difference.


A couple of other things I’ve experienced, is that CherryBalmz just seems to make guns a lot more forgiving of common mistakes, keeping them reliable when other lubes in those situations allow a malfunction.  Gun oil dries in a few months, and on a nightstand or every day carry gun, the CherryBalmz is wet and reliable more than a year after you put it on.  People that don’t have good discipline in cleaning their guns after shooting them also get a big margin of safety, because this product seems to keep guns shooting about ten times longer over any gun oil I’ve used. 

"CherryBalmz is the only gun lubricant we recommend, and we’re emphatic about it.

But one of the most interesting things to me, is that I’ve noticed a lot fewer malfunctions due to grip issues with my new students using CherryBalmz on their guns. Semi-autos tend to malfunction without a firm enough grip.  But with CherryBalmz on these guns, the cycling seems to occur with more authority before human factors can interfere. We definitely train for a consistent grip with adequate pressure to give the handgun a solid platform to cycle ammunition, and to manage recoil and follow through, but in so many instances this lube just seems to make guns a lot more forgiving of human error. 


I genuinely and with great commitment, recommend this product to all of my students.  If you or someone you love carries a gun, I consider this lube a big investment in their safety. On a side note for those shooting a .22 semi-automatic, you know how finicky they can be with certain ammunition. With CherryBalmz on the rails I have found that I can shoot lower velocity ammunition without malfunctions.  Over all it’s a great product. AND IT SMELLS REALLY NICE TOO.


Be safe out there,


Sharon Preston

President, Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association

Founder Ladies Of Lead Group Therapy, LLC

4-H National Shooting Team

NRA Training Counselor


Sydney Rockwell,

"At worst, I've probably shot a couple of thousand rounds without cleaning or putting any more lubricant on my gun. It just lasts forever." 

"As a competitive shooter, I'm sponsored by CherryBalmz, but I've had a couple of big experiences with their gun lubricants that have told me a lot about how good and how different it is.
One of the biggest happened just before they started sponsoring me. I had a batch of reloaded 9mm ammo that wasn't cycling properly in my gun, since it turned out that it was too low powered, so I set almost 1000 rounds of it aside. A couple of months later, after I'd been shooting with the CherryBalmz lubricants, I was accepted into the Army Marksmanship Unit's Junior Shooters' Clinic, and needed to take that ammo with me to Ft. Benning.  With the CherryBalmz on my gun, that low-powered ammo shot perfectly!  I didn't have a single malfunction.  It made that ammo go from unreliable to completely reliable.  That's how much the CherryBalmz lowered the friction in my gun.
I'll shoot hundreds of rounds in a practice session, and it stays right where I put it, even if I go for weeks and several practice sessions without cleaning it. At worst, I've probably shot a couple of thousand rounds without cleaning or putting any more lubricant on my gun. It just lasts forever.  And when I do clean it, the stuff comes off easily, with paper towels and q-tips. I use it on all three of my competition guns—pistol, rifle, and shotgun. I love it." 
Sydney Rockwell

Don Carolla,

"I've used Cherry Balmz products on everything from ARs and modern pistols to my Trapdoor Springfield and other old guns, and this stuff just doesn't quit working.  I've never had something work this well.  The guns stay slick, fire flawlessly, and the grease just cleans up so well too.  I have an old bolt-action Terni (Vetterli-Vitali M) model 1870/87/15 in 10.35mmx47 R made in 1887-1891 that was just sluggish and really tough to crank. But after using your products, it moves like new!  It's surprising how smooth it was, almost what I imagine it would have been like brand new from the factory.  Plus, as a grease, it would take years to dehydrate, so I can keep these old guns put up and know their actions will be slick and always work, even if I only shoot them once a year or so. Great stuff, no matter when the gun was made!!"
- Don Carolla, Texas

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