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Our Black Rifle "Field" Balm is a lightweight grease optimized for easier application in the field, and is what you want in your range bag or field gear. Our Field Balm is engineered to be squeezed onto an assembled gun's friction surfaces, with dry-cycling moving it a little for you into places you'd normally need to disassemble the gun to reach.


Our Field Balm is an excellent lubricant, only not quite as optimal as the Black Rifle Balm for absolute endurance. It provides roughly 85% of the endurance, and remains an incredible reliability enhancement for your firearms, providing vastly more shooting on one application over any gun oil.


As a slightly thinner lubricant, our Field Balm has also shown itself to be particularly effective at clearing up problems with lightly sprung weapons that cycle under low-energy, including many 'pocket pistols' of smaller caliber, and inertia-operated shotguns.


The Field Balm, like the Black Rifle Balm, also has outstanding properties as a metal protectant, and its work-endurance allows it to go a long way - just a few drops are all that's needed. It keeps working long after most other lubricants have burned off or even evaporated. One bottle will last most shooters several years, and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo.

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