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Our Team


Dallas Frohrib

Dallas founded CherryBalmz after a long and varied career that centered around international affairs, strategic communications, and politics.  He's a graduate of University of the Pacific's School of International Studies, and while working on Capitol Hill he was one of a small number of professional staff selected by the US Air Force to participate in a unique variant of Air Command...(more)

Joe Stone
Distributor, Central Florida

Joe and his wife live in the Titusville region of Central Florida where, in addition to being the exclusive distributor for CherryBalmz for that region, they also own and operate an exceptional training company, Double J Firearms Training. Joe used and recommended our lubricants to his students well before becomming a distributor for CherryBalmz, knowing first hand the tremendous increase in reliability it provides.

John Corstorphine
Distributor, Bay Area/ Sacramento/Modesto region

John is a retired firefighter, Vietnam Veteran, and lifelong resident of the Bay Area, with brief exceptions for military service, college, and grad school. He and his wife have been married for 41 years, have 4 children, and 7 grandchildren.  John has been a distributor for CherryBalmz since November of 2014, and places great emphasis on being accessible for training, consultation, and restocking on short notice with his retail gun store clients.

Hank Jones, JD
Director of Governmental Affairs & International Programs

Hank comes to CherryBalmz with over fifteen years of successful experience in government relations, international project and personnel management, transnational advocacy campaigns, and legal practice. He's the past Chairman of the Laurus Group, has served as Director of International & Legal Research at Wilson, Perkins, & Allen, and has held other leadership positions in international organizations across the globe.

Michael Orr
Distributor, NorCal

Michael is our distributor for Northern California north of the I-80 Corridor, with his territory including the foothills east of Sacramento County. Michael has an extensive background with business development, and places great emphasis on working with retailers to help them maximize their investment in CherryBalmz through innovative customer-outrach programs and training. 

Doug Kinsey
Distributor, Central and Eastern Oregon

Doug is a 4 year prior-service veteran of the US Army, and has spent the majority of his life in the Bend region of Oregon, growing up shooting, hunting, and off-roading. Prior to working with CherryBalmz, Doug spent over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, nearly half of which involved providing the training and strategic guidance for individual cell-phone store owners. He places the same priority on providing the training and consultation with gun store owners to help them get the most out of their investment in the CherryBalmz product line.

Mike Lewis
Distributor, Southern Oregon

Mike, his wife, and their two children live on a farm outside of Medford. Mike has extensive experience in business development, real estate, and in shooting, with a particularly strong interest in long-range precision shooting. He's a friendly face who can be seen in gun stores across Southern Oregon, where he places great priority on long-term relationships with shop owners, gunsmiths, manufacturers, and competitive shooters across the region.

John David Pickering,
Phd, MBA
Distributor, Western Montana

John David lives with his family on his ranch nestled at the base of the Bitterroots, and has been a lifelong hunter, shooter, and collector of fine and rare antique firearms. John David is a veteran of both the US Army and US Navy, the latter of which saw him in service as a nuclear engineer.  In 1991 he completed his PhD from Western University in Business & Educational Administration, and in 1999 completed his MBA from Trinity College, in Dublin, Ireland.  And in his spare time during the holidays, John David does, indeed, enjoy playing Santa.  

Mike Keeney
Distributor, Northern Nevada

Mike and his wife live in the Reno area, and are frequently seen with their granddaughter at gun shows across the region.  Mike has extensive experience in product development, and as a mechanical engineer, produced incredibly complex and advanced innovations for the golfing world.  As a distributor for CherryBalmz, with his technical background he enjoys discussing the science upon which our lubricants are based. 

Interested in joining our team?  Distributor inquiries are welcome, as well as select engineering staff.

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