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LEOs, DoD, OGAs, Contractors, & Instructors

Friends, we're a young company, having gone to market in August of 2014.  As such, we're focusing on the civilian market for the near future. However, given that you may count yourselves amongst those who carry guns to work, we do want to make sure you have ease of access to our weapons lubricants for testing and evaluation. They make a big, genuinely life-saving difference in reliability that's simply hard to understand until you've experienced it in person. Word of their effectiveness has quickly, quietly spread in certain circles, and we have experienced a surge of sample requests. We have set a certain number of units aside for such cases, available to members of established agencies and organizations. The form below goes directly to staff responsible for such fulfillments. It does not need to be a formal request from your organization, we just need some minor way to confirm your credentials, such as parent unit and receiving APO/FPO/DPO; your PD/SO and badge number; training organization and position, etc. It's meant to be minimal. For line units, we do ask that you be at the level of either a unit armorer or platoon leader (O-1). Once we receive this information, we'll send you a specific code that provides 100% discount, but you will have to pay postage. For those with specific needs for further information, we can also set up a phone call

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