AR Grip Bottle - Black Rifle Balm 


  • Fits Magpul MIAD/MOE bottle grip core

  • Should fit inside Bravo Company grips, Ergos, MFTs, and others - let us know if you try so we can confirm for others

  • Same volume as standard bottle, just different shape

  • Special-request experimental run without labels, for Cola Warrior crew only - see other Black Rifle Balm bottles for use info

  • Price set at dealer cost - use COLA for another 20% off

"As of April 2017, I've had CherryBalmz on my AR for just over two years, and with that one dose on it I've fired over 3000 rounds. Most of that is 3-gun, rapid fire in Arizona desert conditions. It's still wet, super smooth, and where I put it, and the gun shoots flawless. No joke, this stuff is a game changer."

- Matt Glenn, Arizona