Can your gun shoot 3000 rounds without cleaning? 


If it's like most guns, it won't - but it will now.


Welcome to the performance of lightweight technical greases - high performance lubes designed for guns.



Here's what our lubricants give you:


  • 5-10x the shooting on one appliction over gun oil

  • Stays wet, slick, and in place for 2+ years

  • Keeps sand, dirt, and other friction contaminant sealed out of friction surfaces - just like greases are supposed to do in unsealed machines

  • Tremendous reliability upgrade for finicky guns

  • Appx 25,000 rounds of shooting on one bottle

All of this is free with your full-size bottle - we only need you to cover part of shipping costs, $6.95, plus the 1 penny PayPal requires us to charge as a minimum, since they won't process 'free'.   

We reserve the right to limit or cancel orders of free bottles, if we believe the recipient to be acting in bad faith or excess.

"As of April 2017, I've had CherryBalmz on my AR for just over two years, and with that one dose on it I've fired over 3000 rounds. Most of that is 3-gun, rapid fire in Arizona desert conditions. It's still wet, super smooth, and where I put it, and the gun shoots flawless. No joke, this stuff is a game changer."

- Matt Glenn, Arizona