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All orders over 60 dollars get free shipping and an AR Grip Bottle of lube free!

  • Grip Bottle fits Magpul MOE, Ergos, and all other common AR pistol grips with storage compartments

  • Each set gets you enough lube for 100,000 rounds of shooting, with elite reliability at every shot!

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What to know:

  • These lubricants plummet friction, making almost any "finicky" gun instantly reliable, and giving reliable guns the ability to fire 3000+ rounds on one heavy application.

  • Our greases stay put, stay wet, and stay reliable literally for years on a gun, on one application.

  • Each of our lubricants is a lightweight grease, the heaviest feeling like a creamy mayonnaise

  • Properly engineered greases act like a sealant to keep friction contaminant out of your friction surfaces - without gumming up, getting clogged, or getting sticky. 

  • Just as cars have different lubricants, each of ours is optimized for different reliability needs:

Black Rifle Balm
Black Rifle Balm

Our universal workhorse grease

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Field Balm
Field Balm

Our most liquid grease

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Winter Balm
Winter Balm

Elite arctic hunting or operations performance

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Rimfire Remedy
Rimfire Remedy

Heals finicky .22s

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Bolt Balm
Bolt Balm

Precision and manual actions

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  • Optimized for the intensity of modern sporting rifles
  • Our best all-around lube - a true workhorse
  • Provides exceptional performance in suppressed ARs
  • About the consistency of a creamy mayonnaise
  • ARs have fired over 5000 flawless rounds on one application 
  • M2 .50cals have fired 6000 flawless rounds on one application
  • Mk 19s have fired 500 flawless rounds on one application
  • Tight 1911s have fired over 3000 rounds flawlessly
  • Best use: all centerfires, and reliable rimfires
  • Our most liquid grease 
  • Balanced optimization between flow in applying to assembled firearms, staying put, and enduring the torture in modern sporting rifles
  • About the consistency of a thick syrup, but incredibly slick
  • Best use: Field application on assembled guns, all-around
  • A genuine arctic grease - works more reliably in semi-autos at temperatures colder than any other gun lube on the market
  • Extremely lightweight, but with no flow at rest - it feels like whipped cream, but with no air, yet stays put with a slick, tenacious lube film
  • Best use: Cold weather centerfires, excellent on finicky .22s
  • Optimized for finicky .22s - if you have one that "requires" CCI Mini-Mags, this lube will allow reliability with standard ammo
  • Our most complex formulation and most inherently lubricious
  • Solves the tremendous challenge of getting the larger slide mass of modern .22 handgun designs (Mosquito, Walther P-22, etc) cycling reliably with less power, in almost all cases
  • No flow, about the consistency of a light, fluffy night cream 
  • Best use: Finicky rimfires, inertia-action shotguns, low-powered centerfire pistols (.25acp, 32acp, etc)
  • Engineered as result of industry request from precision rifle manufacturer
  • Optimized to help preserve accuracy of precision bolt guns - across back of locking lugs it minimizes peening from slight imprefections between action/lug mating surfaces, distributing energy across a greater surface area more effectively
  • Substantially eases cycling of hot, tight precision actions
  • Our heaviest grease, about the consistency of light toothpaste 
  • Best use: Precision bolt guns, revolvers, all manual actions

What others are saying:

"As of April 2017, I've had CherryBalmz on my AR for just over two years, and with that one dose on it I've fired over 3000 rounds. Most of that is 3-gun, rapid fire in Arizona desert conditions. It's still wet, super smooth, and where I put it, and the gun shoots flawless. No joke, this stuff is a game changer."

- Matt Glenn, Arizona

"Nothing I've ever used has even come close to working as well, and I've spent over twenty four years combined as a member of the armed forces, and as a deputy sheriff. From being an infantryman, military police officer, patrol deputy, Special Assignment Unit member, and full time firearms instructor and armorer with the third largest sheriffs office in the country...


When you put CherryBalmz on your firearm, it will probably surprise you at just how smooth and slick your gun feels. It's a huge difference. But more important is that it stays put through thousands of rounds of shooting, and doesn’t dry out. CherryBlamz doesn’t fling off onto your glasses or your shirt, and it just lasts far longer than anything else."

- Tim Milkovich, Arizona

It's elite engineering - and you get our entire set of 5 for the cost of 2, plus free shipping if you get a pair of these deals.


These lubricants change expectations of what reliable should really mean, and they make a great gift for the shooter in your life, whether they have elite expectations, or are completely new to shooting.

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